Universa HODL 


Я хочу тут работать

Universa HODL 

We are the seasoned and dedicated team of hardware, design, security and manufacturing experts, passioned with the growing problem which we experience ourself daily. We are working to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into dealing with crypto-assets with a satisfying everyday experience.

Operating in tight connection with the team, that created the fastest and most scalable blockchain Universa (https://universa.io/), provides for us an outstanding drive, global challenges and exclusive access to the knowledge and vision of inevitable blockchain future implementations.

Being a young and agile company, work at Universa HODL offers exponential growth and an opportunity to expand and apply your skills in an untapped space to create a global product.

Universa HODL is an appropriate hardware wallet for your crypto-assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Universa, and ERC20 compatible tokens, based on advanced safety features for storing cryptographic assets and securing digital payments. It is absolutely wireless, connects to your phone using Bluetooth and embeds display to double-check and confirm each transaction visually with a single tap, and uses a fingerprint sensor for security convenience.

Universa HODL extremely convenient both for everyday use and long-term cold storage. HODL is the only hardware wallet, which provides unique seamless protection from the Man-in-the-Middle attacks, confirming transaction signature with human-readable (iconized) Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

Universa HODL respectfully designed to fit exquisite taste.
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