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Enkata Technologies 

Enkata. We Use Data to Help People Work Smarter


At Enkata, we’re working to help people use data they already have to become even better at what they do.  Enkata's SaaS platform gathers work related data from the different systems that people use as they do their jobs.  We automatically prioritize the information, and use advanced data visualizations to make it easy and fast for people to consume. Enkata users then get priority indicators that help them know where to focus, and priority actions which recommend specific steps they can take to get the outcomes they want.


For sales people, Enkata shows which opportunities in their sales funnel are strongest and which ones may need extra attention.  They can see where in their territory they should look for new opportunities, and where in their pipeline they can find upside.  With Enkata, sales people build better sales pipeline, shorten sales cycles and close more deals.


For claims processors, we identify the causes of errors and lost productivity, and help people adopt the practices that lead to the highest quality while keeping productivity high. We give managers tools to better understand how distributed workforces are performing, and help them set meaningful performance targets while ensuring process compliance.


Thousands of users working for employers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to fast growing start-ups rely on Enkata to give them information they can use to perform at their best.

Why work at Enkata:
  1. Enkata is a high-growth, venture-backed company in an expanding market space for cloud-based workforce analytics solutions.
    We have a winning product strategy, an aggressive expansion plan, and marquee customer base. Global Fortune 500 companies use Enkata’s solutions to provide differentiated services and promote employee performance and satisfaction. Enkata’s management team has a proven track record of successfully growing companies to market leadership positions. This is a great opportunity to work with a collaborative team of motivated peers and be recognized for your direct contributions to our success.
  2. Top talent.
    Enkata’s applications blend the latest in software technology, management, analysis, and business methodology. To maintain a leadership position in the field, Enkata consistently hires the experts from every field to our cutting edge solutions. 
  3. Teamwork, fun, and rewarding experience.
    Enkata attracts talented people who together create a friendly, hard-working, and creative working environment. Working at Enkata is prestigious, rewarding and fun. Delivering innovative solutions requires that we consistently exercise our minds and collaborate with our colleagues. The Enkata team consists of the best and brightest minds who love to tackle new challenges.
  4. Encouragement and engagement toward best results
    Enkata knows that employees are our most valuable asset. Enkata provides a highly competitive salary and an incentive-based bonus system that rewards performance.
  5. Work environment that fits!
    Enkata's Bay Area headquarters are centrally located in Redwood City, California, USA. Enkata’s St. Petersburg offices are located in a modern business center conveniently located in the center of the city with easy access to transportation, shopping, and restaurants. We advocate flexible working hours that start and finish on your schedule

Корпорация Enkata Technologies, Inc. (США)


Корпорация Enkata основана в 2000 г. в США, со штаб-квартирой в Калифорния, и официальным представительством в Санкт-Петербурге.

Официальное представительство Enkata в Санкт-Петербурге

Мы ждём в нашей команде высококлассных специалистов в области разработки, тестирования и внедрения программного обеспечения бизнес-класса. Вас ждёт сложная и интересная работа в сильной, профессиональной и очень дружной команде, гибкий режим работы, достойная компенсационная политика. Всем нашим сотрудникам гарантированы:

  • Официальное трудоустройство в полном соответствии Трудовому Кодексу РФ
  • Дополнительное медицинское страхование и страхование жизни
  • Регулярная индексация окладов
  • Поддержка занятий спортом, английским языком и дополнительная оплата больничных листов
  • Просторный, удобно расположенный рядом с метро офис в центре города
  • Простые радости жизни: кофе, чай, пиццы с пирогами, а также фрукты и еще куча всего вкусного
  • По результатам работы выплачиваются премии, проводится обучение и развитие сотрудников.

Ждём Вас в нашей команде!


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